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For all your Computing Requirements

At BuggFix we specialise in same day, onsite Computer Repairs for Home and Small Business Users. It doesn't matter if you have a virus problem, slow computer, Network or Wireless issues, Internet or E-Mail issues, a crashed computer or hardware issues with your PC or Desktop - one call to us will get the problem sorted. And should there ever be a time that we can not fix your problems - it is free. Please call us to find out more about our Computer Repair Services

You will love our extremely competitive rates starting at only $66 per 1/2 Hour and no call out fee

NEW PCs, Laptops and Servers

I would like something good - but can I afford it - and how do I know what it is. Unfortunately there are so many different brands and different specs Computers and Laptops out there - what shall I buy. At BuggFix we can give you unbiased advise as we source every Desktop, every Laptop or every Server only once we have your order. So we never carry old stock, or are tempted to sell you something not quite right for your needs - because we have it in stock. We have access to the HP and Lenovo range and recommend Microsoft Windows 10.

And if your current PC came with Windows 7 or newer we can upgrade just parts of it to make it run better than ever before. Call us for details.

Services we offer:

  • 20 years ago that was a great option to get a faster PC without spending too much. With Windows Licensing linked to your motherboard it has been much more expensive to do this lately. But now we can easily do it again - with just one change. Replace your current Hard Disk (HDD) with a new Solid State Disk (SSD) and you can make your computer 4 to 10 times faster.
  • Sometimes just a little bit more RAM can also help, or a new Graphics Card to play those new games. Call our Expert Technicians and discuss your needs.