Perth, Western Australia
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Perth's Local Computer & Network Repair Service

Spyware, Trojan & Virus Removal

Are you receiving pesky pop-ups or experienced a sudden lag in your computer?  We can get your computer running smoothly and clean of any malware or viruses that have crawled in. We can also offer you programs to protect your computer and prevent future malware from attacking.

Crashed Computer Issues

Has your computer decided to shut-off or displaying errors when starting?  Crashed computers are common and we're ready 24/7 to ensure we can find out why.

Increase Computer Speed & Preformance

Are you running low on memory or experiencing your computer lagging from the unnecessary programs you may have? We can have a sweep of your computer and de-clutter ensuring it's operating at optimum speed.

Email & Network Connectivity Problems

Has your wifi dropped out? or have your emails bounced and won't send?  - We can help you figure out all network and connectivity issues so that you can go on about your day hassle free.

Laptop Hardware Repairs

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